July 28, 2021

Certified Nursing Assistants are Under-appreciated

“According to Monica Nash, a clinical outreach nurse at Montgomery Home Care and Hospice in Pennsylvania, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are the unsung heroes of the nursing field. These care givers are the ones who spend the most time with patients every day, helping them to bathe, eat, dress and complete many other intimate daily tasks.

Nash explains, CNAs often become, “”like an extended part of the [patient's] family.”" Because they spend the most time with patients, CNAs are usually the first to know when something is wrong, and they are the ones who relay this information to the rest of the health care team.

Yet, Nash and others believe that CNAs are often under appreciated. Nash says, “”I think they don’t get enough credit for the capabilities and the knowledge that they have.”" Burnout is high, due to the physically and emotionally demanding nature of the job and its relatively low pay. According to the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants, only 28 percent of CNAs continue to work in the field beyond five years and only 12.6 percent work in the field ten or more years. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for CNAs in 2010 was $11.66 per hour (among Certified Nursing Assistants who worked in nursing care facilities).

Some groups are trying to improve retention in the field. The National Network of Career Nursing Assistants sponsors National Nursing Assistant’s Week each June to highlight the contributions that CNAs make to patient care. They also organize a “”20 Year Club”" to recognize CNAs who work in the field 20 years or longer.

Although they may feel unappreciated, CNAs are a skilled part of a patient’s health care team. The federal government requires that CNAs complete a state approved training course that is at least 75 hours long and that they pass a certification test. Most states have additional and ongoing requirements that the CNA must complete in order to acquire and maintain certification. However, advancement opportunities are usually limited; many CNAs who leave the field do so to pursue additional education in other healthcare areas.”

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Trends In Medical Assistant Jobs

From the early 80s, there has been an increasing need to have medical assistants, especially after a lot of healthcare facilities realized that they are an easy way of cutting down on costs, while at the same time having the same work being done. Before this period, these medical assistant jobs were rather traditionally left for the registered nurses and the licensed practical nurses.

However, with the kind of training that the job requires of the trainees today, there are a lot of duties that the trainees can perform, and as such the registered nurses are at times rendered ceremonial in the presence of the assistants.

There are a lot of skills that the physicians require in the offices today that the medical assistants can do, some of which include making sure that the patients are clean and tidy, carefully monitoring the patients to note any change in their situation, and if so, report this to the relevant health officers, and also taking blood tests on the patients too.

The trends in this job market have become so diverse that there are a lot of diverse requirements in this field. As a result, the medical assistant trainee has to be a versatile fellow. This is not just to make sure that they can fit into any position given to them, but also to ensure that they actually enjoy whatever job opportunity that is given to them.

However, not every nurse that goes for an assistant jobs training makes it through. There are those who can pass well, but are not so good with handling body fluids, or they are not so good when it comes to direct handling of patients. These are the ones that are usually placed at the front offices. For such assistants, they are usually charged with the duties of scheduling, coding and billing client services.

Coding is a very particular skill where the medical assistant is required to learn the diagnostic codes of all of the diseases and disorders and as such they are able to use the codes in billing and record keeping. This is not exactly one of the easiest jobs, hence the high demand for coders and such skill can only be learnt in an assisting course.

There are also those assistants who are rather good with handling more challenging nursing duties. Usually these are the assistants that are trained to take blood pressure, perform electrocardiograms (EKG), take pulse and respiration readings and draw blood. These are some of the jobs in the healthcare field that are at times known as vitals.

There are also some times when they are required to gather a patient’s information in regards to their health history and the complaint at present, after which they are required to administer vaccinations or proper medication, prepare specimens and cultures, and perform ear lavage.

For a fact, the medical assistant jobs are not exactly some of the easiest duties to do, especially when you consider the different types of cases that the nurses have to deal with daily. However, for those that have the nerve for it, this can be one of the most exciting ventures they can ever find.

Find out more: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos164.htm

Hot Trends In Healthcare Jobs

The recent booming of the holistic medicine and care are definitely becoming a trend in the current healthcare jobs. Truth be told, while these are very popular with growing supporters there are still some who question whether or not they can be considered healthcare jobs. Still despite the naysayers these are healthcare jobs that do not seem to have any plans on going anywhere anytime soon.

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare jobs include but are not limited to, dentist, doctors, nurses, medical technicians, etc. Yet among those that are listed the healthcare jobs of physical therapy, along with a few others are not truly recognized as deserving their spot and among the other healthcare jobs. Perhaps it is the fact that the amount of schooling and training that one requires to get into physical therapy is not the same nor as grueling at least not to the same extent.

Still there is no denying the benefits that many people have experienced and received at the skilled hands of a physical therapist. With the aid and knowledge of such an expert many people find that they do not need to rely as heavily on pain medication from doctors. Their recovery time shortens to a substantial degree when they are under the care of a physical therapist and make sure to follow their exercises and directions closely. Again it is hard to deny this as being one of the many healthcare jobs available, especially given the results that they can produce.

As America is coming to grips with its own obesity personal trainers are on the rise in popularity. Many people like the idea of having someone who is trained helping them workout and exercise to reach their target weight goal. Since many have probably discovered that trying to lose weight on their own and get in shape is not as easy as when you have someone who knows the human body. Who knows that even though you are feeling tired that if you just push yourself a little more that you can surprise yourself and reach your goal.

Another form of medicine that is not exactly looked favorably upon is massage therapy. Now while this is similar to physical therapy they are not the same. One does not go to a physical therapist to relax and de-stress. That is more of a job for a massage therapist, who is trained in the art of massaging the body to relieve tension and stress.

Perhaps it truly is that people place less faith in someone who has been in school for lets say 6 months and not the 8 or 10 years that a doctor is expected to take in order to get their degree. While there is an appeal in going to see a doctor over someone else that does not mean that they are any less healthcare jobs then the doctors are.

Acupuncture and oriental medicine is one of those things the people find popular and interesting but which there are those who would hate for them to become the norm as they do not wholly believe in its effectiveness even though there are results to prove that these techniques do indeed work.

As people continue to learn and grow they are going to find new, well sometimes not so new but new to them, techniques and practices that may proves to be the next huge breakthrough with our existence in the world. So just because it may seem like a trend and there is the thought that it will just remain that a trend does not mean that will be the case in the end. People need to learn to embrace change for the wonders that it can bring to the world and for the chance of it bettering the world as a whole.

Additional information at: http://www.bls.gov/oco/cg/cgs035.htm