July 28, 2021

Trends In Medical Assistant Jobs

From the early 80s, there has been an increasing need to have medical assistants, especially after a lot of healthcare facilities realized that they are an easy way of cutting down on costs, while at the same time having the same work being done. Before this period, these medical assistant jobs were rather traditionally left for the registered nurses and the licensed practical nurses.

However, with the kind of training that the job requires of the trainees today, there are a lot of duties that the trainees can perform, and as such the registered nurses are at times rendered ceremonial in the presence of the assistants.

There are a lot of skills that the physicians require in the offices today that the medical assistants can do, some of which include making sure that the patients are clean and tidy, carefully monitoring the patients to note any change in their situation, and if so, report this to the relevant health officers, and also taking blood tests on the patients too.

The trends in this job market have become so diverse that there are a lot of diverse requirements in this field. As a result, the medical assistant trainee has to be a versatile fellow. This is not just to make sure that they can fit into any position given to them, but also to ensure that they actually enjoy whatever job opportunity that is given to them.

However, not every nurse that goes for an assistant jobs training makes it through. There are those who can pass well, but are not so good with handling body fluids, or they are not so good when it comes to direct handling of patients. These are the ones that are usually placed at the front offices. For such assistants, they are usually charged with the duties of scheduling, coding and billing client services.

Coding is a very particular skill where the medical assistant is required to learn the diagnostic codes of all of the diseases and disorders and as such they are able to use the codes in billing and record keeping. This is not exactly one of the easiest jobs, hence the high demand for coders and such skill can only be learnt in an assisting course.

There are also those assistants who are rather good with handling more challenging nursing duties. Usually these are the assistants that are trained to take blood pressure, perform electrocardiograms (EKG), take pulse and respiration readings and draw blood. These are some of the jobs in the healthcare field that are at times known as vitals.

There are also some times when they are required to gather a patient’s information in regards to their health history and the complaint at present, after which they are required to administer vaccinations or proper medication, prepare specimens and cultures, and perform ear lavage.

For a fact, the medical assistant jobs are not exactly some of the easiest duties to do, especially when you consider the different types of cases that the nurses have to deal with daily. However, for those that have the nerve for it, this can be one of the most exciting ventures they can ever find.

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