July 28, 2021

All About Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

Those individuals that take up certified nursing assistant jobs, are at the forefront of patient care provision. Though the job title may not instantly appear glamorous, it is a profile that is immensely rewarding, and also fundamental to the running of the healthcare industry.

A career as a CNA would require a sense of compassion, a willingness to help people in need, and a wide knowledge of various skills necessary to offer care and assistance to patients. The knowledge that is acquired during training allows a certified nursing assistant to understand how to help patients cope with their ailments and conditions. There are CNA positions that can be specialized on a specific demographic, for example the elderly, children, or people with developmental disabilities.

Depending on the exact employer, they can be called upon to assist with bathing, feeding, and grooming. They may also be required to use specific medical equipment, and can be responsible for recording and observing patient behaviour. Social and emotional support can also form aspects of the profile. Most CNAs work as part of a team of medical staff. They are usually supervised by, and report to, a registered nurse.

The actual working conditions for a CNA vary dramatically depending upon the employer. It is important to be physically fit as lifting and moving patients may be required. The work schedule does not normally fit to regular hours, most positions require the individual to commit to shifts, these may involve being present during the night as well as the day. It is common for the shifts to alter on a regular basis to meet the current demands. Both part time and full time positions are available.

A CNA job can be a stepping stone to a career as a registered nursing assistant. To be eligible for this more senior profile, a CNA must complete a specific amount of additional training and successfully pass a certification exam.

The current outlook for CNA jobs is extremely positive. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of opportunities that will become available is expected to increase faster than the average of most industries. This is primarily down to a switch to a more elderly demographic, alongside a growing population, which will result in a greater need for medical services to be available.

It is suggested that the greatest number of opportunities will be had in retirement villages, rehabilitation facilities, and healthcare establishments that deal with patients who have mental problems. The best paid openings are to be found in private hospitals and medical clinics, in the major urban regions.

As of May 2009, the average salary range for a CNA entry position was between $19,600 and $26,800. Though these figures may not appear so high, it is the job satisfaction which is the biggest draw. With the potential to move to a more financially rewarding profile with experience, becoming a CNA is an option that provides a secure job in an industry which is somewhat cushioned from the vagaries of the national economy.

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